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John McDevitt, PhD

Brown-Wiess Professor of Chemistry and Bioengineering, Rice University

Dr. McDevitt is the Brown-Wiess Professor of Chemistry and Bioengineering at Rice and a pioneer in the development of integrated "bio-nano-chip" technologies. The McDevitt research group combines nanometer-sized molecular sensors with microchip-based technology to create devices that can rapidly analyze complex fluids to detect toxins, drugs, antibodies, metabolites, bacteria, blood products and more. Since joining Rice in 2009, McDevitt and his laboratory have focused on developing inexpensive, battery-powered diagnostic devices that can replace high-cost, lab-based, time-consuming diagnostic tests. These easy-to-use, low-cost devices have immense potential to impact clinical medicine, both in developing countries where traditional laboratory measurements are not practical as well as in developed countries seeking to reduce healthcare costs.